Accommodation Agreement Auf Deutsch

Today I received two communications without further information. The booking terminated the accommodation contract with immediate effect due to a substantial infringement – Article 7.4 (ii) hosting post-false or misleading hosting information in the Extranet. We have the similar problem of getting the notice of accommodation of the apartment in light of the discovery of fraudulent activities where, since we have done nothing at all, nor their information about it. In fact, there are only fraudulent bookings for our property, where there is still no show. You have helped me from the beginning. They controlled everything. I saw online on the site that I wasn`t the only one to have that. Some cases have been resolved because they have been misunderstood somewhere. How can I translate into the vocabulary coach? You say you have the same problem… OK, you may have to do the same thing and call the extranet number. BDC Partner Hub also has a list of items and you`ll see in HELP the US CONTACT. Or try the Extranet`s financial service.

Keep trying, let us know how you have moved forward. (results) Continue with the BDC, ask a friend to help you. Don`t give up. You will also receive your commission, so I think they should be happy to help! I don`t understand this letter. I described both apartments carefully. On other sites, I have very good ratings for both apartments. They explained that they would send an email to the service that closed the account and that there was no number to this service only by email. So I`m puzzled. No one can get in touch. How did you manage to contact them or contact them? Translating the text of each app or website into a single click Can you ring them directly? So they can do you the right service in the meantime, I have received several calls from and we have sorted it.

There was a first communication was not top, but after a few days we were able to chat on the phone and was able to check my apartments. Second, when I get back, I will have to do some repairs in time for the device to be first class again. It takes time. Book cancel my account and accuse me of fraud, but you can`t tell what`s attached. First of all, I was on vacation (BTW, who works all year without a break?) Any suggestions? I already have three reservations in the next few months and I don`t know what`s happening to them. My account was right, the picture was real, real name. I don`t know what`s wrong. Are you new to Connect with other partners like you. Please confirm that you`re a human being by ticking a tick. Your email says that and I deeply think it`s not fair. I terminated my contract in January and so far, despite all my attempts to contact, I have not received a correct explanation.

It is very frustrating to be accused of fraud, but not to let it be explained. Do you want to rehabilitate a word, phrase or translation? My situation is not the same, but Booking me off when they told me they would soon close my property if I didn`t have reservations very soon. Tx. I`m sure it`ll be a good start. We have 2 wonderful apartments in the French Alps. This was reported on demand and message to team, but they say the email was sent by the relevant team. Our property is closed for booking now, How can we sort this out, please help. Words have meaning. Now I`m losing money because of what Booking did. I use both groups successfully, Airbnb and BDC, for the last group, it took a while to sort it out the way I wanted. You`ve now revalued and refined a lot of things, which is great, but it`s certainly not perfect yet.