An Traineeship Agreement

The granting of an agreement is conditional on a brief confirmation by the head of the host organization. If a salary is to be paid into the receiving agency`s funds, this information must be included in the confirmation. A brief e-mail to is enough. Apprentices must be equipped with hands-on work, access to appropriate tools and equipment, and supervised training in the workplace to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to complete the apprenticeship or internship. Trainees and apprentices must be enrolled in formal training recognized with a Level 1 training organisation (RTO). They must have paid work time in order to complete their formal training. This may include participation in a training facility, formal training in the workplace or self-employment. Employers must sign the Apprentice`s Skills Book or The Work Certificate Guide, which supports formal training. Employers should contact the RTO regarding the participation of the apprentice, as well as their participation and progress in formal training. Students who wish to do an internship at the University of Vienna must find an appropriate job.

Here is a list of all faculties and departments. Do not submit applications to the International Office or the human resources department. The International Office does not organize internships and cannot help find an internship. The training contract is a formal agreement between the employer and the trainee. It is a legally binding document that describes an employer`s obligations to an apprentice. The essence of an intern is the training in the workplace and the work experience that the trainee will acquire. It is the employer`s responsibility to ensure that the Australian intern has access to the full range of work required to develop the skills and professional skills they need in the workplace. Under the user Choice directive, we decide how. B whose training takes place during or after working time, on the Internet or in group training. During the internship period, the employer provides a level of supervision in accordance with the internship agreement.

The agreement must first be signed by the intern (you), the receiving company (place of your internship), and then by the sending institution (university). If you keep in mind that creating documentation and collecting signatures can take time and nerves, it is advisable to start as soon as possible. Complete this part with your internship and define all the conditions through your relationships at all stages of the internship. Training time and working time – Agreed tasks and detailed internship program – Learning results (such as skills and skills you have after your mobility) – Training time and working time – Goals and recognition – Monitoring and evaluation plan Please also contact the various departments of the University of Vienna, as we only publish offers of internships that have been sent to us directly.