Cattle Care Agreement

CONSIDERING that the second party is the owner/tenant of certain real estate in the “It`s not going to be a no”; and wishes to provide food, water and care to these cattle for the next recital; E. Market protection: the first part requires the second party to bear the cost of a put option or call contract or contract to protect the beneficiary or the first party and its bank from future fluctuations in the livestock price market (market protection). The amount of market prot may be determined by the first party, at its sole discretion, for the sole purpose of protecting livestock costs and not as protection of the real value or investment of the second part in livestock. Market protection can be obtained by the First Party on an account it has held in its own name with a licensed commodity broker. Market protection may be maintained for the entire period during which the cattle for which market protection was obtained remain in the custody of the second part; however, provided that the First Party can, after its purchase number, sell market protection while the cattle are still in the second part, if it deems it appropriate given market conditions. All proceeds from the sale or other provision of market protection are applied to the balance of the billing costs, including interest. The balance after payment of this amount is paid to the second part4 In the event that the entire amount owed to the first part with respect to livestock is paid in full, market protection is considered to be the property of the second part and is attributed to the second part or its designation by the first part. The second part includes that market protection to protect the interests of the first party over livestock and not to protect the second part of the second Patty niaV, “But?ia1npt requited to , obtain an additional proteotibti price for livestock by using additional “put” or calling it options, security contracts, futures contracts or other goods transactions to protect the second party and in its own name, but that the cost of these transactions are not included in the expenses of the First Party under this agreement.