E-Wallet Agreement

Suspension Cancellation. City Bank reserves the right to suspend the offer or support of a payment card and/or Digital Wallet Service for any reason. Unless there is another legal obligation, City Bank may at any time block, restrict, suspend or terminate your use of a payment card available to a digital wallet, without notice and for any reason, even if you violate these terms and conditions, or one of your cardholders or any other agreement with us, if we suspect fraudulent activity or as a result of cancellation or suspension. You are responsible for not being held responsible to you or third parties for blocking, suspending, cancelling or terminating your use of a payment card provided for a digital wallet. These terms and conditions (“Conditions” or “Agreement”) establish a legal agreement between you and City Bank, N.A., which regulates your choice to use debit or credit cards eligible by city Bank, N.A. is linked to U.S. domiciled accounts (a “payment card”), if you add, add or keep a payment card in a mobile or digital wallet (“Digital Wallet” or “Wallet”), if you add the bank`s Digital Wallet Service, try or keep a payment card in a mobile or digital wallet (“Digital Wallet” or “Wallet”). In these circumstances, the terms “you” and “you” refer to primary card holders and authorized credit card users, as well as joint account holders and other authorized debit card holders who like to have bank accounts, and the terms “City Bank,” “bank,” “us” or “us” refer to The Municipal Bank, N.A. Relations with other City Bank Agreements. Your registration with the Digital Wallet Service has no impact on any other agreements that City Bank has with you. The terms of use of your payment card, which were made available to you when your payment card was issued and changed from time to time, remain fully in effect and act independently of whether or not you use the Digital Wallet Service.

Your cardholder contracts with City Bank contain arbitration provisions that also apply to the use of your payment card via the Digital Wallet Service. In order to avoid any doubt, any transaction you make with your payment card with a digital wallet is considered to be the same, as if you had personally presented your physical payment card to complete the transaction, and all fees and interest incurred will be applied in accordance with the terms of your cardholder contract with The City Bank. These terms and conditions of sale (“Agreement”) are a legal and mandatory agreement between you and Wavpay Systems Sdn Bhd (“WSSB”). Please read it carefully. 4.3 Acceptance: The distributor accepts the eWallet when it is presented by an end user as payment for all goods and services sold on all commercial sites up to the value of the funds in the eWallet.