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Internet: www.dese.gov.au/graduate-and-entry-level-programs For more information, visit www.dese.gov.au/graduate-program. We will also make regular updates on our Facebook page. The 10-month program runs from February to December and is based at our national office site in Canberra. The program offers several career paths, including Legal, Corporate (Finance and Human Resources), ICT, Data, Economics and Generalist. For more information on career paths, visit the department`s website www.dese.gov.au/graduate-and-entry-level-programs. As the name implies, the Department of Education, Skills and Employment, known by the acronym DESE, is responsible for policies and programs that ensure Australians have access to quality education, skills and employment, as well as the economic benefits and benefits they provide. Our main concern is to equip Australians – at all stages of their lives and careers – with the knowledge, skills and attributes to live well, thrive at work and contribute to community life. The coolest thing about my work is that I have the results of higher education and higher education to analyze and contribute to the work that will influence future policies in this area. It`s really rewarding to know what things you`re working on to design Australia`s future education systems. Many of our strategies and programs celebrate diversity and combat discrimination and harassment, and we continue to build on these initiatives by placing executives in positions of diversity champions, our network of collaborators and our Staff Assistance Officers (ESOs).

My professional title DESE is: Data Officer of the Schools Data Production Team The general program offers different internships that help graduates understand the core business of the department. Rankings are a good opportunity to build on an understanding of the different areas in the department. In addition to a generalist program, the department offers career paths in various fields, such as PERSONAL, law, finance and data, which offers graduates a unique opportunity to complete internships and follow additional apprenticeships and developments relevant to their chosen careers. Our graduates have professional experience and participate in an extensive learning and development program. Graduates are supported by their superiors, their friend and the entry program team. The coolest thing about my job is seeing the many challenges schools face across the country and knowing that my work can help them. . The department organizes positive selection procedures for Aboriginal people and/or Strait Islander torres. The department participates in the RecruitmentAbility program, which means that we will place a candidate with a disability in a later phase of the hiring process if they choose the program and meet the minimum requirements for the position.

To ensure that opportunities and prosperity for Torres Strait Aborigines and Islanders are at the heart of our work, DESE operates on the principle that Aboriginal affairs are everyone`s business. This principle serves to develop the cultural capacity of the department and supports the Australian government`s priority to improve well-being and opportunities for Torres Strait Aboriginal and Islanders across the country. . My task is reversed: analyzing the data of many as part of the “Investment Approach” (google it). I look at the public and private returns of the economy in the various sectors of education and trades, to see which ones should be more or less funded by the government.