Gmu Housing Agreement

This portal is used by students to register for on-campus housing, apply to Virtual Learning Communities (VLCs) and enter maintenance requests. 3. Academic Program Cancellations, Amendments and Transfer There will be no refund for students who cancel, withdraw, or be suspended or suspended by an INTO Mason program, or excluded from the university after the published launch date.a. Visa refusal. A refund may be granted if the student cannot obtain a visa. The student must submit a formal application letter for visa denial before the start date of the published.b program. The program`s launch date has been postponed. If a student wants to change their start date, i. The due date and fees apply. If the student asks to postpone a program at least four (4) weeks before the published start date, he or she does not pay a cancellation fee. If the student postpones the program with less than 4 weeks before the start of the program, he must pay the cancellation fee in accordance with Section 3c. ii.

Requirement limit. A student can make two (2) requests to postpone the program`s launch date free of charge. In the event of an additional request for deferral, a $300 fee is charged for the program`s .c. Cancellation fee. If visa entry requirements are met, i. Cancellation before the published start date. A student who cancels before the published start date must pay a cancellation fee of $2000. ii. Cancellation after the launch date is published.

INTO Mason does not reimburse program fees, tuition fees or deposits if the student is cancelled, removed or suspended or fired from an INTO Mason program after the published start date. The student must also pay a housing allowance (described in section 8, accommodation).d. Cancellation of health insurance. Students who drop out of their program should have inquired at the university`s health centre about cancellation and reimbursement conditions. Change of program. Administrative costs. A student must pay an administration fee of 250 $US to change their curriculum. The transfer of credits. Academic credits should not be transferred from one program to another, which means that the student may need additional classes at a high cost.iii. Refund.

A student who is currently enrolling in a PW program will not be reimbursed if they modify a program at a lower cost. iv. Indication. The student must submit his application for an amendment to INTO Mason two (2) weeks before the launch date of the published program. Date of transmission and transmission. If a student has enrolled in an INTO Mason program and wishes to change partner school INTO, the student must apply for the transfer before the start date of the INTO Mason program. If the requirement is made after the published start date: i.