Pole Vault Pole Rental Agreement

Poles must be picked up and returned on the agreed date and time upon request. If you don`t take the pylons at the agreed time, you may lose your rent. If the poles are not returned at the agreed time, a fine will be imposed for the extra time in your installation. Release and waiver of claims: In return for participating in the sportan pole vault of the classes or events of the Mac Vault Academy, or rent pole vault bars from Mac Vault Academy, the participant and the participant`s parent or legal guardian if the participant is a minor, you heres not accept, to the full extent permitted by law as follows: Most of the time, many of our new poles are the majority of the high school sticks that children use. For a high school coach, you can easily provide your team with sticks that they can all use and have the right size for the athlete. This means that there is no longer a single size for most pole vault selection pass. Xtreme Athletics is proud to offer bike rental sticks, just as athletes can use or hit sticks for a season without having to buy a new bar that they could develop or never work. Below is most of the Xtreme poles rented during the course season. Xtreme maintains several poles that are not listed below to use during normal operating hours during the week. If you need a non-polar size, please contact the gym to see if we can meet your needs. knows its own abilities and limitations in the sport of pole vaulting; Tenants must make their own resources available to safely transport and store the bars they rent (i.e., a bar/box/tube/etc.). If you want to rent a stick that is not prepared with a cane, you must pay extra to rent a bag or pole vault tube in order to offer adequate protection to our sticks. By Outdoor Track Season: See lease for details $150-275 Each Pole Pro meeting: See the lease for $30 details What is your pole rental policy? What are the poles available? How much does it cost? What do I need to do to rent sticks? How can I take care of the bars while they are in my possession? When should the poles be returned? What do I need to do before I return the poles? Where can I take the bars and take them back? Rents at the end of the year (1 day up to 3 weeks) – 50% of the seasonal rental price.

(For example, an athlete finds that he needs a larger 15` pole at the end of the season at his league meeting. The cost to the athlete would be 110 $US for 1 day to 3 weeks, which ends with the states. The cost would be the same for a single day in the United States.