Translate Disclosure Agreement

There are translation companies where you don`t need to sign a translation confidentiality agreement to keep your documents confidential. At ISO Translations, we can sign an NDA at any time, but even without any, you can be sure that your documents are confidential. Our language translators and managers are assigned translation projects that span many sectors and businesses. Recently, we were asked to provide a Russian translation of commercial contracts to one of the largest telephone operators in Russia (the real names and details of customers are protected by Tomede`s confidentiality agreements). This special translation was an NDA form directly detailed from Moscow, and filled with a large amount of legal terminology. For this reason, it took not only a professional Russian translation, but also Russian translators with long experience in legal translation. contractual agreement not to disclose certain information The other aspect of such a project is the sensitive information concerned. Businesses, large or small, as well as large companies, need a professional translation service that they can trust with confidential information, as well as the ability to provide an accurate legal translation of a document or other language in this area. To get a free offer for any business translation from NOA or another professional Russian translation service, simply use the menu on the left to send us your documents or enter the total number of words to be translated. You will receive an immediate estimate of the lowest translation rates of each translation company. As our client needed a Russian translation of NDA forms for a destination in New Jersey, Russian legal terms had to be translated into English. Since some legal concepts cannot translate word for word due to word-based stetology, a Russian translator with experienced legal experience and translation was the only appropriate translator for this project, which was immediately assigned to this client with a personal language manager.

One of the best approaches to this is to develop a sense of partnership with the professionals you work with. If you develop a sense of ownership and a sense of belonging to your business, they will protect the owner`s confidential information in the same way you would, without the need for a translation confidentiality agreement. B. Exceptions. However, confidential information must not contain information that you (i) put to the public or that you made public without being treated confidentially before Gengo disclosed to you Gengo; (ii) that no act or inaction on your part be made public or accessible to all after Gengo`s disclosure; or (iii) in your lawful possession without any obligation of confidentiality at the time of Gengo`s disclosure to you, as shown by your written files and simultaneous recordings in the normal course of business.