Agreement Arabic Translation

Most organizations find volunteers who need it in a matter of days and include the possibilities for use. So if you see a project that interests you, apply immediately and make sure to show the organization that you have the right skills and motivation for the task! – 1) the harmony of man- 2) -the compatibility of observations – 3) – the declaration of an exchange of promises – 4) – the agreed or agreed cause – 5) -the determination of grammatical difference on the basis of verbal relations – 6) – the verbal act of agreements – [synonyms]: conformity, compliance, Arrangement, Concorde, Correspondence, Understanding Our online volunteer community is made up of bright, dynamic, dedicated people who appreciate each other`s best and in the organizations they serve to produce. We expect all volunteers to maintain high standards of conduct and refrain from any activity that could interfere with the operation, organization, other volunteers or THE UNV. By registering, you agree not to make financial claims to organizations or an agreement. You will find more information about the standards of conduct and the terms of use of this platform in the Terms of Use. Online volunteering is rewarding and powerful, but it`s also a serious commitment. If you`ve been selected for a task, the organization is counting on you to complete it. – اِتّحاد، اِتّفَاق، اِتّفاقِيّة، اِنسِجام، اِئتِلاف، إِجماع، إصر، إِطباق، إقرار، إِلَاف، أُلفَة، أمَان، تَجَاوُب، تَسلِيم، تَطَابُق، تَعاقُد، تَفَاهُم، تَمَاثُل، تَمَشّ، تَنَاغُم، تَوَافُق، حُرمَة، ذِمّة، رِضىً، سَلاَم، صَفقَة، عَقد، عَهد، قَبَالَة، قَبُول، مُتَابَعَة، مُجَارَاة، مُشارَطَة، مُطَابَقَة، مُعَاهَدَة، مُقَاوَلَة، مُلاَءَمَة، مُواءَم، مُوَاءَمَة، مُواطَأَة، مُوَافَقَة، مِيثاق، نِسبَة، وِفَاق، وِفاقِيّ، وِئَام.