Book Editing Agreement

Mary Kole Editorial, LLC is a participant in Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate promotion program that offers websites the opportunity to earn advertising fees by advertising and a link to Each link to a book that appears on this site is an affiliate link and leads to a small additional turnover for my team at no extra cost to you. All links that appear on the blueprint print site are also affiliate links. The draft agreement can be adapted to the contract. 13. The author provides the publisher with appropriate collaboration and assistance for the production of all documents. This also means that they are regularly available for e-mail communication if necessary. At the request of the author, a video or telephone conference (up to half an hour with the most urgent questions in advance) can be arranged at the end of the editing process. On request, short follow-up emails can be sent to the people`s conference site.

The follow-up must be done within four months of receiving the finished manuscript. If you want to keep your project out of reach, make sure you have information in the contract, which is what to do if the scope changes. For example, a contract change or an updated contract if you have not yet signed the agreement. I hope you`re writing a book with all this important information!!!!!!!!!!!! 16. The author acknowledges that the professional writing and/or writing service contract does not guarantee the sale of books or representation by a literary agent. Looks like you have a good contract. I doubt that one day I will be in the treatment myself, but it`s nice to have something to compare. At one point, I started providing articles for a website, and that site would sell them to other companies based on the topic they needed. Each item was $10 and the deal was not as iron iron as it should have been.

In fact, we may have had an email exchange and indicated that the agreement. I wrote more than 15 articles and had to be paid independently, but about 10 were outstanding after the act. I kept asking for and asking for payment, and I never received it. Full agreement. This agreement, as well as the addition of payment, the declaration of work and the timetable A, constitutes the complete and exclusive agreement between us on this subject and replaces all oral or written proposals as well as any other communication, agreement or agreement between us on this subject. This model is very clear and lets the author know what they expect from you.