Brighton And Hove Party Wall Agreement

If the owner wishes to build a wall just off the intersection of the neighbouring land, a notification must be sent to the neighbour at least one month in advance. The indication should describe the intended wall and is usually done by drawings. If you are still unsure or would like to speak to an expert, our party surveyors offer a free telephone consultation, which is available to serve or react on your behalf to a party wall allowance and act as a designated surveyor for building owners and their neighbours who offer quick and effective rewards for party walls. A party fence wall is a wall that sits on the land of different owners and is used to separate different lands. Many of the older border walls are party fence walls. Ian Wieck also advises on party walls, which are for both building owners and adjacent owners such as The Wall Surveyor party in Brighton and Hove and surrounding areas according to the Party Wall, etc. Act 1996. For more information, call our Party Wall section or call us for a free first phone call. Party surveyors are required to follow the procedures set out in the party walls law and determine how and when the work is carried out. This will help minimize disputes between the two (or more) neighbors. If you dig up or form new foundations within 3 or 6 metres of a neighbouring land or party structure, you may also need to follow the procedures of the law, depending on the relative depth of the foundations. If the adjacent owner accepts the work, they must provide you with a written agreement within 14 days of the notification date.

If possible, it is advisable to speak personally to your neighbours before issuing the official notice, which often leads to confidence and increases the likelihood that things will go smoothly. The construction of a new border wall may also require compliance with procedures under the law. Our principal surveyor is a Chartered Building Engineer and Chartered Construction Manager, who is also a fellow of the Party Surveyors Faculty, a Fellow of the Institute of Party Wall Surveyors, a member of the Party Wall Academy and the Pyramus-Thisbe Club, which exists to promote partywall excellence. In addition to these industry qualifications, we have a long experience in this area. Honestly, I didn`t expect, in a million years, that an agreement on the party wall would lead to one of the best customer experiences I`ve ever had with any company.