Cota Agreement 2017

This guide has been prepared to help consumers understand their home care agreement. Faulkner, A (2012) JRF Program Document on Risk, Trust and Relationships in an Aging Society. DOWNLOAD paper: A Positive Approach to Risk – Personalization – A Framework DOWNLOAD – A Framework DOWNLOAD The aim is to ensure a balanced and positive approach to the duty of vigilance and the dignity of risk, which allows flexibility in the provision of services within legal parameters. The project also examined other legal issues and strategies to address them. Skills for Care UK (2011) – “Learning to Live with Risk: An Introduction for Service Providers” Practical guidelines on legal issues at the CDC were developed following the results of the draft legal issues. The guide contains: DOWNLOAD abridged version: Learning to Live with Risk: An Introduction for Service Providers – abridged version This article summarizes the results of legal issues Review of project literature and interviews with stakeholders. Based on organizational dynamics, the article examines how uncertainties associated with changes such as the introduction of the CDC can lead organizations to become more risk averse. Given that the CDC aims to increase consumer control and flexibility in service delivery, a positive approach to risk-taking is needed. The article proposes some strategies to help organizations balance their duty of care with the dignity of risk to consumers.

. Download article: Consumer Directd Care, Legal Issues, Positive Risk Taking and Managing Organisational Uncertainty by Jonathan Pietsch . . ADASS West Midlands Joint Improvement Partnership NHS West Midlands – “A Positive Approach to Risk – Personalization.” As a result of this project, a number of resources have been developed: gateshead Council`s Community Based Services (2008) – “Positive Risk Taking Policy DOWNLOAD GUIDE: Home Care Packages – Provider Guide to Home Care Agreements.