Uni Oslo Learning Agreement

You must apply for administrative approval by submitting the fully completed and signed apprenticeship contract to the reception service of the University of Bergen. The student begins the process by creating a learning agreement in the OLA system and signing it online. Be sure to give your students the right name and email address for the person in charge of your institution (responsible for signing the apprenticeship agreement). It is also possible to adapt the OLA during the mobility phase if your home university requires it. Connect to the OLA system and complete the new learning agreement with changes. The agreements ensure that exchange studies in the masters of participating students are accredited to the AHO and do not delay the progress of studies. They are also exempt from tuition fees in partner institutions. University-specific apprenticeship contracts are signed at the faculty`s information centre after the student`s arrival in Bergen. The University of Oslo also accepts online learning agreements. Please save the correct email address for the faculty contact point in the agreement, see below for information. The agreements apply to a fixed number of students, usually one or two.

If the number of internal candidates to a given partner institution exceeds the number defined in the exchange agreement, AHO must make a selection. In this case, the order of priority in student applications is decisive. If necessary, the final decision is made on the basis of a “portfolio competition” in which the AHO evaluation committee selects the best candidates on the basis of the portfolios submitted. Please note: It is the faculty to which you are admitted that signs the contract. Unfortunately, there is no scholarship for students who exchange independent bilateral agreements. Before the mobility phase, a learning agreement must be drafted, defining courses and mobility credits. The apprenticeship contract must be signed by the exchange student, the host institution and the AHO and is the student`s guarantee in exchange that credits acquired abroad will be recognized upon their return to AHO. At the end of the mobility phase, the exchange student is responsible for making available a copy of the recordings of the host institution that show that the courses and credits have been passed within the meaning of the apprenticeship agreement. AHO has exchange contracts with some 50 partner universities. Most of the agreements are organised under the Erasmus and Nordplus programmes, but there are also some independent bilateral agreements and Memorandums of Understanding. Students who exchange views on the Erasmus and Nordplus programmes are eligible for a scholarship.

AHO requests scholarships per semester for outgoing students and distributes funds to eligible students. The contract to learn an internship must be signed by the intern, the home institution and the faculty/host department of the University of Bergen. If you have any questions about courses or apprenticeship agreements, please contact the relevant faculty: Det er egne skjemaer for studenter som skal reise gjennom Erasmus. From the mede signed, deretter skal vitenskapelig koordinator signere, og`kontaktpersonen p` den institusjonen du skal til. The results of the first EWP project have had a significant impact on how EIEs view The management of Erasmus mobility and have led to a series of projects and initiatives that continue to promote the digitisation of Erasmus mobility management towards the next generation of programmes (2021-2027).